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Top Asked Questions

What is Jar? How does it work? Why should I buy digital gold instead of physical gold? My UPI transaction is successful, but gold has not been added to my locker. Why? How can I withdraw money from Jar? Gold has been deducted from locker, but money transfer to my bank account failed/is still pending. Why? If a withdrawal request fails, how can I retry? What is Autosave? How to set up auto-save? How can I disable Auto-Save? How do I apply my promo code on Jar? Where can I find my spin money on Jar? My gold coin/bar has not been shipped after 7-10 days of placing the order. Why? How can I track my gold delivery order on Jar? When I will get my Referral Reward? I have not received any bonus on my successful referral. Why? Grievance Redressal Mechanism